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About IFA scouting - Soccer Philosophy

Scouting is a product of International Football Academy IFA Kastler and was founded in 2007 by Thomas Kastler. The main focus of IFA scouting is to search for young talented football players around the Canary Islands. We then develop the young footballers , consulting, managing and marketing the youthplayers as well as football players.

Erich Ribbeck Football The IFA team consists of football trainers, consultants like Erich Ribbeck (an ex-national coach of Germany), Ron Atkinson (former coach of Manchester United and Atletico Madrid), talented scouts and player consultants . Through connections to the DFB (German Football Federation) or FA (English Football Association) IFA can provide contacts worldwide, which contribute to the promotion and teaching of Amateur, Youth, Semi-Pro and Professional footballers and young football stars. EX-Professional Footballers are on the coaching staff of IFA Football school and camps.

Football camp tenerife Regularly scheduled training Camps and training Schools or Castings on the Canary island of Tenerife offer fantastic chances to young footballers. IFA take any age groups and would like all football players who would like the opportunity to prove his talent to come to us. There are no levels of ability you have to be at before you attend the football camps. According to researchers and scouts from the Football talent of IFA, Europes top clubs agree to test the abilities of each football player and try to educate them more about football. The long-proven and best IFA Kastler approach to children and youth footballers, is based on self-produced educational media, different methods of education and training systems, and a permanent quality control of our consultants. The IFA Kastler approach is characterized by a child, youth-training and education system. This recognizes not only the integration of educational and developmental base, but also sports science for children and teens. Another IFA mentality is the use of professional training equipment, such as Adidas known for the best reliability of sportswear and equipment. All methods are designed to support the IFA group of young Talented players, football players, clubs and associations. The actions of IFA is completely neutral and independent.

Training Philosophy

- Promotion of social values, mental strength, team spirit, discipline and personal responsibility
- Inclusion of sports and human intelligence
- Values such as sense of community, social relationships,Fun, all gained through football
- Personality Development
- Creative game and training

Training and development orientations

- Motivating all age groups and performances, proper training content with reasonable boundaries
- Use age-appropriate training materials and Footballs
- Guaranteed individual success thanks to playing close matches at a high intensity
- Rules and discipline within the meaning of all those involved are exemplified and consistently monitored

Placement and marketing strategies

- Club selection by talent-based observations
- Neutrality and independence
- Effective and realistic market value assessment

Objective of the IFA is:The football matches has to be disciplined, good level of training and of course having fun.
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