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IFA Scouting Nachricht

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IFA Scouting Nachrichten

Player Transfer in Lisbon Portugal
07.10.2013 12:57
IFA Kastler traveling to Lisbon for Player Transfer
Vistit by Ron Atkinson
20.11.2010 18:07
Visit by Ron Atkinson with IFA Kastler
First social network
23.10.2010 18:06
The first social network for footballers.
IFA Scouting help talents
23.10.2010 18:06
IFA scouting opens the doors to young talented footballers.
IFA Scouting plays with fairness
23.10.2010 18:00
FA scouting focuses on fairness and transparency
IFA Kastler search football talents
23.10.2010 17:51
IFA Kastler starts with IFA scouting to search for young football talents
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